2 Bromo Phenyl Acetonitrile

2-Bromo Phenyl Acetonitrile is also known as O-Bromobenzyl cyanide, O-bromophenylacetonitrile, 2-Bromophenylacetonitrile, 19472-74-3, 2-(2-bromophenyl)acetonitrile and comes with Molecular Formula of C8H6BrN and Molecular Weight of 196.04394.

Its other properties include H-Bond Acceptor of 1, Rotatable Bond Count of 1, Exact Mass of 194.968361, MonoIsotopic Mass of 194.968361 and Topological Polar Surface Area of 23.8. Some of its other properties include Heavy Atom Count of 10, Complexity of 147, Covalently-Bonded Unit Count of 1, Feature 3D Acceptor Count of 1, Feature 3D Hydrophobe Count of 1, Feature 3D Ring Count of 1 and Effective Rotor Count of 1.

Product Name
2 Bromo Phenyl Acetonitrile
Cas No
Molecular Weight
99% min

2 Bromo Phneyl Acetonitrile