1,3- Dichloro - 5, 5 - Dimethylhydantoin

1,3-Dichloro-5,5-Dimethylhydantoin is known as Omchlor, Halane, Hydan, Hydantoin, dichlorodimethyl, Dantoin, Dactin, Daktin, 118-52-5, Dichlorantin and comes with Molecular Formula of C5H6Cl2N2O2 and Molecular Weight of 197.01934.

It is prepared by passing chlorine through aqueous solution of 5,5-dimethylhydantoin and is made available in four-sided, pointed prisms form in chloroform/white powder finish. With a chlorine-like odor, it comes with Melting Point of 132°C and is less corrosive in comparison to hypochlorite solutions having same concentration of available chlorine.

Its properties include Density/Specific Gravity 1.5 at 20°C/20°C, pH of aqueous solution of about 4.4 and solubility (at 25°C) of 12.5% in carbon tetrachloride. Further, it also has solubility of 14% in chloroform, 32.0% in ethylene dichloride, 30% in methylene chloride, 9.2% in benzene and 17% in sym-tetrachlorethane.

Product Name
1,3-Dichloro-5,5 Dimethylhydantion
Cas No
White crystalline powder
Faint odour of chlorine
Melting Point
98% min
Chlorine content
35.0% Min
Loss on Drying
1% maximum
Soluble in ether, Alcohol & Benzene

1,3- Dichloro-5, 5- Dimethylhydantoin