Diphenyl Acetonitrile

Diphenyl Acetonitrile comprises faint yellow crystalline/white to creamy powder with an average mass of 195.259705 Da and CAS no of 86-29-3. Having purity of 99.78% min, it is soluble on Chloroform methanol (20% Soln) and has melting range of 71 ½ C to 76 ½ C.

Also known as Dipan, 86-29-3, Benzhydrylcyanide, benzhydryl cyanide, Diphenylmethylcyanide, Acetonitrile, diphenyl-, Diphenatrile, Benzyhydrylcyanide, it is known by the Molecular Formula of C14H11N and Molecular Weight of 193.24384.

Its properties include Exact Mass of 193.089149, MonoIsotopic Mass of 193.089149, Topological Polar Surface Area of 23.8, Heavy Atom Count of 15, Covalently-Bonded Unit Count of 1, Feature 3D Acceptor Count of 1 and Feature 3D Ring Count of 2.

Also Used in :

  • Pesticides
  • Rubber chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals like antihistamines
  • Synthetic opioid
Product Name
Diphenyl Acetonitrile
Cas No
White Crystalline Powder
NLT 99.0%
Solubility (20% Soln)
Soluble on Chloroform methanol.
Melting Range
73°C to 76°C
Loss on Drying
NMT 0.5%

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Diphenyl Acetonitrile Exporter In India

Diphenyl Acetonitrile